Cambodia is also known formerly as Kampuchea. Much of the nation is covered by lush rain forests. Forestry as well as mining is the primary sources of industry. The capital of Cambodia is located at Phnom Penh, which is the largest city, is rapidly growing with greater urbanization of the population.

It is situated in Southeast Asia, which occupies about 181,035 square kilometres including lakes and rivers. Cambodia shares its border with Thailand on the northwest, Laos on the northeast and Vietnam on the east and south.

Geographically, Cambodia situated between 10th -15th parallels of northern latitude and between 102nd -108th eastern latitude. The geographical location indicates Cambodia is a tropical, warm and humid country.

The population today is estimated to be about 11.7 million. The annual growth rate is approximately 2.8 %. Khmers constitute about 90 % of the population with ethnic Chinese, Charm, Vietnamese and the hill tribe people.

The local time is 7 hours ahead of GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).

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