The Commonwealth of Dominica is an English speaking country located in the Eastern Caribbean, between Martinique and Guadeloupe.

The population of Dominica is approximately 72,000. The capital city is Roseau. The country’s infrastructure is good with excellent water, power and communications. There are direct dial facilities worldwide via fibre optic undersea cable; and Internet and data transmission facilities are readily available.

Dominica has been called the “nature island” of the Caribbean. Forests cover over 60% of the country and the hills and valleys are spectacular. There are over 365 rivers and the country has hot springs and the world’s largest boiling lake, which endows it with tremendous potential for geo-thermal energy and/or spa development.

The Maritime Administration Unit, located in Roseau, Dominica, oversees and regulates the administration of the sector and the Dominica Maritime Registry; the Dominica Marine Registry based in Washington is the sole International Ship Registry for Dominica.

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