Jamaica is located approximately 145 km south of Cuba and in the centre of the Caribbean Sea. The island is the third largest of the Caribbean Islands. The island is 280 miles long and 80 miles wide and has 2.5 million inhabitants. “Out of Many, One People” is the nation’s motto.

Jamaica’s ship registry was officially launched in Kingston in October 2000, with subsequent launches in London and New York.

The opening of the ship registry allows shipowners worldwide to register their vessels under the Jamaican Flag and to take advantage of significant incentives granted under the Shipping Act. The Shipping Act provides a modern statutory framework within which maritime law may be practised consistent with international maritime treaties and conventions, as well as with accepted international standards of maritime safety and marine pollution prevention. The creation of a ship registry within that framework lays the foundation for Jamaica to become a leader within the international maritime community. The registry has already enhanced Jamaica’s international maritime reputation, and the anticipated development of ancillary services is expected to further enhance that reputation.

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