Located in the Mediterranean Sea, just south of Sicily, the Maltese archipelago basically consists of three islands: Malta, Gozo and Comino. Their total population in 2000 was 382,525.

The largest island of the group is Malta, from which the archipelago takes its name. Valletta, the capital, is the cultural, administrative and commercial centre of the archipelago. Malta is well served with harbours, chief of which is the Valletta Grand Harbour. Malta’s international airport is situated five kilometres from the capital.

The distance between Malta and the nearest point in Sicily is 93 km. The distance from the nearest point on the North African mainland (Tunisia) is 288 km. Gibraltar is 1,826 km to the west and Alexandria is 1,510 km to the east.

Malta has a centuries old Maritime tradition. The strategic location of the Maltese Islands at heart of the Mediterranean Sea, its natural harbours, and the entrepreneurial and maritime skills of its people have, since time immemorial, conspired with its history and millennial culture to transform this European sovereign state into an international maritime service centre.
It is from within this framework of an international maritime and service centre that Malta offers the international shipping community a thriving and reputable open ship register, one of the eight largest registers in the world.

The Malta Flag is today a flag of confidence, a flag of choice, its good standing evidenced both by the number of ship owning and ship management companies of repute which register their ships in Malta, and also by the confidence shown by the leading international banks and financiers who at times recommend the Maltese register.

The Malta maritime flag is the flag of a well-established, yet dynamic, maritime centre. The Malta international ship register completes the wide range of services, which is Maritime Malta and at the same time draws its strength from being an integral part of a truly international maritime and service centre.

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