About Us

International Ship Registries (Worldwide) LLC was incorporated in 1998 to provide services for clients, shipowners, yacht owners, shipbrokers, builders, and legal advisers wishing to register commercial ships and pleasure boats under various Flags.

Our company offers a roster of such options with various Offshore & Onshore Jurisdictions worldwide along with a number of Offshore & Onshore Countries where to set-up Corporations and other legal entities.
We believe that this firm having a very long experience in these matters since 1998 (in association with Global Money Consultants, S.A. may be your principal partner to giving valuable and accurate advice and also registering your maritime property in the most efficient and expedient mode.

Under no circumstances are we offering service to all those “rust buckets” polluting our oceans and seas! We are here to extend service to all those responsible and legitimate parties that have respect for our planet! After all, this planet is the ONLY PROPERTY we actually have!