U.S. (State of Delaware) Yacht Registrations

Our firm is offering the following completely tax-free fully comprehensive / all-inclusive package:

State of Delaware Limited Liability Company (LLC)

State of Delaware Yacht Registration

All-inclusive price at EURO 890.00

The highlights of this offering are:

Most prestigious Flag (USA)
Corporate Ownership – through a tax-free US Corporation
Absolutely tax-free
Extremely low priced – ONLY EURO 890.00
Simple procedure

What we need from you:

Duly filled-out US LLC CORPORATE APPLICATION FORM as per the following link that may be submitted online.

Notarized Bill of Sale between the previous owner and the newly-formed Delaware LLC that should be owning the boat

Duly filled-out DELAWARE BOAT APPLICATION FORM. Click here to download PDF file.

To transfer a boat already registered in Delaware we need a notarized Bill of Sale and the previous owner’s registration certificate in order to keep the same DL#

If the boat is new then you must also submit the ORIGINAL Certificate of Origin

Our fees EURO 890.00

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.